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Texas High School Basketball
Officials Association

The Texas High School Basketball Officials Association (THSBOA) consists of 29 local basketball officiating chapters located throughout the State of Texas with a membership of about 5,000 officials. Each chapter has a representative that sits on the Board of Directors of the THSBOA.

The purpose of the THSBOA is to aid in the education and development of officials through local THSBOA chapters; identify problem areas and offer positive solutions; upgrade the programs of the local chapters; and enhance the communications among the University Interscholastic League (UIL), local chapters and UIL member schools.

The UIL and the THSBOA will work together with the schools and coaches to provide the best education possible for students through athletics. The THSBOA also works with Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) to provide quality officiating for all students of Texas.

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What is the THSBOA?

The Texas High School Basketball Officials Association is a UIL recognized association representing 29 local basketball officiating chapters and 5,000 individual members across Texas.

What does the THSBOA do for basketball officials in Texas?

The THSBOA’s mission is to aid the local chapters by providing education and training support and materials for their members; work closely with the UIL to identify problem areas and provide positive solutions; develop policies and practices to promote and protect the local chapters and their members; to provide insurance for individuals and chapters while they do the business of officiating; advocate for officials, in general, and in particular, Texas basketball officials; and to provide the best quality officials for the student athletes of Texas.

Is the THSBOA a part of the UIL?

No.  The THSBOA originated as the UIL Sports Officials basketball division.  However, a state law, passed in 2012, now prohibits the UIL from overseeing any sports official’s organization in Texas.  The THSBOA became an independent, non-profit, organization in 2013.  THSBOA members must register with the UIL and meet criteria developed in partnership with the UIL as a condition of registration.

Do I have to be a THSBOA member to officiate in Texas?

To be eligible to officiate basketball for UIL member schools, an individual must register with an association, with the UIL, and with a local chapter.  However, private schools do not require an individual to be registered or be a member of an association.

Am I required to submit to a criminal history report before I join THSBOA?

As part of the registration process, all applicants are required, by state law, to submit information and agree to a criminal background check.  This is paid for by the THSBOA, and is a part of our conditions for membership.  There are certain felonies that will automatically prevent the THSBOA from accepting you as a member, but our association has latitude to review each case individually.  Broadly speaking, misdemeanors do not automatically prohibit you from membership.

How is the THSBOA organized?

Each of our 29 local chapters chooses a representative to the THSBOA Board of Directors.  The board is divided into committees for study and research with every board member on a single committee.  The committees are Policy and Rules; Chapters; Education: Appropriations and Oversight; and Recruitment and Ethics.

The committee chairmen are chosen by the committees and the five chairs make up the Executive Committee.  The entire board then chooses a board chairman, and a vice-chair from the executive committee

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